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Website finally up and running. 2003.


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Fresh for your bi-weekly 5&A Dime mix series we have with The Travelers Club, we provide you with the full version to Chicho3000's remix of Bam Circa 86's track, “Trillafornia”. Long story short, you won't have this off repeat for a while. Enjoy.

Bam Circa 86 // Trillafornia (Chicho3000 Remix)


Meant to go up the day the site crashed, we (finally) present to you the second installment to the 5&A Dime mixes, courtesy of The Traveler Club’s Chicho3000. So listen up, blast it on repeat and soak in the heaviness — we guarantee this shit goes hard.

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used to be

now we all on it. team.

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